GHSC Merchandise

The Great Skate Story

Several years ago a 12 year old skater named Loubel Cruz needed a social studies project for her sixth grade class. Now Loubel’s Imaginary Continent has become the talk of the skating world! Loubel has graciously given GHSC permission to use the design on merchandise. Shirts are now available. Send the Great Skate shirts as Christmas gifts, school shirts, skiing apparel, etc. It’s bright and colorful too! A great way to support local skating!!

Buy your Great Skate shirts at the Galleria Ice Rink’s Pro Shop (inside the Rink and downstairs) or at the Professionals Skate Shop inside the Sharpstown Ice Center. Or by calling the GHSC office or using the order form in the newsletter. A fund-raiser for the Greater Houston Skating Council.

Also available are GHSC t-shirts with the serpentine GHSC logo and best thermometers baby.