The Tara Lipinski Scholarship Awards The Greater Houston Skating Council is pleased to announce recipients (photos and articles coming soon!) of the 1999 Tara Lipinski Scholarship Awards: Elan Funches, Gia Lott, Zoe Kanan, Courtney Pratt and Yau-San Tam. Named after Houston’s Olympic figure skating champion, the community-wide scholarship program judges candidates on dedication to training, need, promise, and good sportsmanship. A total of $2,500 is being awarded in 1999.

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For more information about the Scholarship program or ice skating in Houston, call the Greater Houston Skating Council at 713-656-2902.

Doll Raffle Raises Funds for the Scholarship

Congratulations to Houston’s 1997 skating champions! Tara Lipinski, World and Olympic Champion (1998), and Andrea Gardiner, Junior Ladies U.S. Champion.

Andrea began skating at the age of 4, while Tara started roller skating at 3 and then switched to ice at the age of 6.

Tara first qualified for the U.S. Championships in 1994, and Andrea one year later. The 1997 U.S. Championships was a year of firsts as well: Andrea became the first African-American to win the Junior Ladies title, while Tara became the first woman to complete a triple loop/triple loop combination in qualifying competition. Tara was also the youngest skater to win the senior title, on her way to becoming the youngest world champion ever at the age of 14.

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